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The Mission

The Mission of Going Deeper LLC  is to Change the way impacted women view themselves and to help them build self worth, value, and become fully self sufficient:  We help women who have been impacted by trauma find employment and careers. We write strong cover letters and custom resumes . We even provide a Character reference letter.  We help the woman who has been trauma impacted find her voice and field her dreams. We offer Spiritual mentoring.  We are Public speakers and advocates and it is our vision to build an army of women who will go back into the trenches and rescue those who come after them.


Authors, Models, Dreamers and Mostly Moms.

Women who have a vision to help others.

Coming Together to build up other women.

Through our Cosmetics line,

Our vision is to provide an emergency fund for

Mothers to help them emerge triumphant

from the struggles. 

Hire Our Moms and Help Them Change their lives:

We have :



Credit Repair Specialists


Pet Specialists

Child Care Specialist and More....

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