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Meet The Faces Behind The Name:

These are The Faces Behind The Compassion . Blogs and Bios:

Each of us has a story:

Our Latest Blog Entry

Meet Catya

Catya is a para legal and a notary. She brings to the table experience, knowledge, and mostly a heart. She is dedicated to the cause and to the women we service.  She is a prime example of women who rise  from the Ashes only to emerge with inner and outer beauty. So very Thankful for the journey she has walked with this vision and her unwavering belief through the storms.

Our Second Blog Entry

Meet Synethia

Synethia is an Author, Model, and credit repair specialist. She never let the ashes burn her ambition.  She prays in power. Her faith is unwavering and she truly believes that she can be anything and do anything. She dreams big and dreams big for this vision.  Thanks to her pursuit of second chances we have a once in a life time New York Debut coming to Times Square soon.

Our First Blog Entry

Meet Ebony

Ebony is a beautiful young woman in and out. She has turned her trauma into love for others and has become a Case Manager. She has climbed up the ladder of success and strengthened her relationship with God, She knows her worth after years of struggling with the past traumas and curve balls.  She is a prime example that still We rise.

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