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Going Deeper LLC

Find your strength

God uses Broken women to help other Broken women heal. I am a women was broken by trauma and put back together by the love of my Savior.  A mother, A daughter, A Chaplain, and a woman on a mission to bring change, hope, love and healing.  Filled with empathy and Compassion and above all determination. My team is comprised of  likeminded Mothers and Daughters who have risen from adversity and come out leaders  who are determined to change the lives of others. We hope to help Mothers build their professional dreams. The template for this  Compassion Cosmetics, Where Beauty Meets Second Chances.

Find your better you

Using Make Up With A  Mission to Turn Pain Into Purpse.

No Matter the past. No Matter the labels. When God has a purpose for your life, He will make Beauty out of your Ashes.  It is my vision and dream to show you how Gods love can transform.

Chaplain Liliana Maria


Discover The Make Up With A mission:


You can achieve anything you set your heart to do.  My model Project is Compassion Cosmetics. At Going Deeper LLC, We can help you find yours!!!!  Please email  or call 646-698-1656

Please visit our shop:   The last link on this Web site and help us Support Trauma Impacted Moms~





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